Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Agent Based Model of High School Student Selection System in Bandung, Indonesia

Dhanan Sarwo Utomo
Unpublished master thesis


This Master degree thesis report discusses the development process of agentbased simulation for high school student selection system in the city of Bandung. Development of this simulation is motivated by the existence of schools which have lack of students on the other hand; there are many students who were rejected because the schools to which they enroll have lack of space. This simulation includes modeling of the applicant’s decision-making process in selecting school and, the interaction among the applicants in the exchanging information about the schools attributes. This simulation aims to explore the dynamics in the student selection system and, examining the impact of the applicant types proportion, the completeness of information possessed by the applicants and the number of clusters used to the enrollment distribution and the number of student deficit in each cluster. By conducting virtual experiments using this simulation model several suggestions to improvements to the student selection system that is currently applied can be made. In addition, the type of applicant that success more often is also able to be identified through these virtual experiments.

Keywords: agent-based model, computer simulation, student selection system

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